Part III Lecture Notes

Part III of the Mathematical Tripos, University of Cambridge (September 2018–June 2019).

A plot of the commit history for my lecture notes from September 30, 2018 to June 20, 2019.

While enrolled at the University of Cambridge from fall 2018 to spring 2019, I prepared a set of typeset lecture notes for the majority of my coursework in theoretical physics, which I then posted to GitHub. These notes were based primarily on lectured material but also incorporated content from class handouts, example sheets, and other provided notes, as well as hyperlinks to interesting non-course material (and a significant amount of commentary in the footnotes). Beyond transcription, I wrote out derivations and exercises from class in more detail, and added new commentary expanding on topics such as gauge-fixing and the Riemann curvature tensor in order to further engage with the material outside of class.

I also designed a number of original figures for these notes, including TikZ versions of figures from class and hand-drawn sketches of other important concepts. For this project, I taught myself how to produce Feynman diagrams in LaTeX using TikZ-Feynman.

My current notes template is thanks to Arun Debray, currently at UT Austin, and the source files can be found on my GitHub. The PDFs of the notes are linked directly below.

Michaelmas 2018

Lent 2019

Easter 2019